Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's a Picture Worth?

Apparently a whole bunch if DunnWell's experience is an indicator.

DunnWell got started as a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning company with a single differentiating factor – digital photos validating work done in the middle of the night inside of a duct system that is difficult to inspect. Now DunnWell is a very large and growing company specializing in a full range of Fire Protection services and serving over 12,000 locations nationwide. And digital photos on ServiceNET remain a key differentiating factor for the company.

We have nearly 3 million photos on ServiceNET for validated work or defects requiring repairs. These work records serve as comfort to a customer that a job was done right (or DunnWell, ha, ha) or that a pending repair is actually necessary or critical. Quotes that have photos attached documenting a problem are approved by the customer at more than twice the rate than those that do not include photo validation.

What would it be worth to your business to double your quote approval rate? How many more repair jobs could you deliver to your technicians? Answer those questions, and you will know what a picture is worth. Bet it is more than a 1,000 words.